The project was completed in Woolavinton, Somerset in December 2018. We revisited the project in September 2019 to take some photographs. In total, the project took 5 days to complete.

  • We were tasked to supply and fit Luxury Vinyl Tiles in the kitchen and carpet all bedrooms, landing, stairs, hallway and living room.
  • The house was fully furnished so we needed to move furniture around to enable us to fit the carpet in different rooms.
  • Our main objective was to make the living room carpet match the Luxury Vinyl Tiles we laid in the kitchen. This would give it a natural look and blend in with the client’s living room layout and fresh decor.
Front room carpet - Woolavington Somerset
Who Was Involved For the job to run smoothly we needed two fitters and a fitter’s mate. This enabled us to move furniture around with ease and cause less stress for the customer. If we had anyone else from the team in the house it would of become crowed.

We were contacted through our Facebook Page by the customer who had a few quotes already from different companies.

The client was a domestic customer that already had carpet and laminated flooring throughout the house. They wanted a new flooring solution to match their recently decorated house.

After, visiting the client they informed us they had a £3000 budget and were not willing to pay anymore.

A member of our skilled team sat with the client having a cup of tea and showed them samples of the carpet they could have.

It was a long process waiting for the client to decide what carpet and flooring were right for them. We were with them all the way and gave our pros and cons of the different flooring solutions they choose.

They were undecided on what underlay they wanted due to the old carpet and laminate flooring only being a few years old.

It was purely the customers choice and they decided to go with new underlay throughout the house, grey carpet and black vinyl tiles.

1. The customer lived on a steep slope that was not accessible by our work vans and they had steps leading down to the house. This made it tricky getting the materials into the house.

  • We decided to use the steps because the slope was very steep to carry heavy materials. This worked well using three members of our team. Two members of our team would carry the materials and the third member helped form a chain once near the property. Our team members kept changing positions in the chain to move the heavy materials to the rooms safely and this made sure no damage was done to the property or any stress caused to the customer.

2. The laminated flooring was wedged under the doors and fireplace in the living room. This meant we could not easily remove these sections without making a lot of mess.

  • To overcome these issues we took all doors off and slowly removed underlay from underneath the laminate flooring. This gave us enough room to remove the laminate flooring.

3. The bedrooms had builtin cupboards and wardrobes that had been fitted recently. These were placed onto the carpet.

  • We agreed with the customer that removing part of the built-in cupboards and wardrobes would be very time consuming so we opted to cut around them. Once the carpet was laid it fitted perfectly and the customer was happy with it.

The customer had carpet and flooring down for at least 7 years. The carpet and flooring looked outdated to the new decor in the house.

Our expert team gave the customer a quote that beat the other quotes they had received. We were confident our flooring solution would transform there current look and feel.

A few areas that were an area of concern for the customer were:

  • Their current laminated flooring had risen in many places and the underlay was showing through.
  • The carpet throughout the house was worn and did not have a warm and smooth feeling when walking on it so the customer wore slippers all the time.
  • They constantly had to hover the stairs because the carpet was shedding a lot of fluff.
  • The current kitchen floor was lino and over the years of having spillages and heavy objects being moved around on it, there were lots of lumps, scuff marks and small tears.

To help prevent any recurring issues that the customer highlighted we asked the customer to look over each room one at a time starting with the bedrooms with no furniture in them.

The process here was to finish one room and inspect thoroughly with the customer and answer any questions they may have.

Once the full inspection was completed in all rooms including the kitchen the customer was giving clear instructions to let the carpet and vinyl flooring settle.

Taking the approach above made sure the customer was happy with what they paid for and all our work was checked before we left.

A follow-up check was completed a week later to make sure no carpet or flooring had risen and there were no gaps anywhere.

This project was managed by Jason the owner of Cheddar Country Carpets & Flooring. If you require any information in regards to the project or would like something similar please contact him using one the following options.