The leaves are changing colours, days are becoming shorter and you are spending more time at home cuddled up under a blanket on the couch. If you love this season, you might want to think about incorporating the beautiful calming colours of autumn into your home décor.,

One way you can add a touch of autumn into your home is by changing up your flooring! You’ll be surprised at how changing up your flooring will add a new cosiness and style to your home.

Carpet colour choice!

Traditionally, the colours of autumn are brown, plum, orange, red and yellow. Colours such as red, orange, yellow and brown are typically associated with positive emotions. Brown is also comforting and calming, which is what we feel autumn should be able.

We have a new range of carpets, all different colours and styles. You could have autumn in your home all year round with a lush red carpet, or a warm and bright orange carpet to add a touch of happy tones to your home.

Look at the laminate

If carpet flooring is not your style, then you can still incorporate traditional fall colours into your home through laminate flooring. When you think of autumn, some people will think of natural hues, the changing colour of leaves as they go from green to orange or red, then brown.

Now you can transform your flooring in the same way, from the colour it is now, to a sleek laminate design. Typically laminate is brown, which is associated with autumn. The colour brown is associated with honesty, health and can emit those same feelings into your home.

We have different laminate flooring products in our collection for you to browse. Laminate flooring is a great way to tie your room together and is very easy to clean.

Personality and style

If you have fallen in love with the autumn season, you can try bringing the colours of the season into your home. You can bring autumn in your home by introducing our stunning range of flooring into each room, however, there are a few more ways to make this calming season a prominent feature in your home.

Scented candles have been said to incorporate the scent of this season, these scents could range from pumpkin butter, a wood fire scent and cinnamon apples. Close your eyes and enjoy the smells of autumn, while your feet rest on your new flooring.


Our team of carpet and flooring professionals are always on hand to answer any of your questions, so feel free to contact us if you have any queries.